Charter Of Positive Values

The MRM Charter of Positive Values constitutes a framework of ethical and moral reference for all South Africans. The specific objectives of the Charter include:

  • Generating a moral vision for South Africa by defining what constitutes morality and rightful conduct, thus laying the foundation for commitment.
  • Conscientising South African society to take collective responsibility for developing a framework for a South African Code of Conduct.
  • Restoring and anchoring values enshrined in the Constitution, including respect for human rights and accepting accountability for one’s being and actions.
  • Committed to the spirit of ubuntu, which underlies our democracy and is embedded in our constitution. We dedicate ourselves as a nation to:
    • Respect human dignity and equality
    • Promote responsible freedom, the rule of law and democracy
    • Improve material well-being and economic justice
    • Enhance sound family and community values
    • Uphold honesty, integrity and loyalty
    • Ensure harmony in culture, belief and conscience
    • Show respect and concern for all people
    • Strive for justice, fairness and peaceful co-existence
    • Protect the environment

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