Current and Proposed / Planned Programmes / Projects

MRM – DAC Social Cohesion Programme
To implement Resolution 1, 8, 9, and 10 of the Social Cohesion Summit of 2012MRMDifferent sectors including youth, men, women, children business, media, traditional leaders, etc.2014-2016DAC, Provinces, Municipalities
MRM social partners
• Working together with the Department of Arts and Culture in particular to popularise the Charter of Positive Values in order to achieve social cohesion.
MRM Partnership with SALGA on certain Projects and Campaigns
To make Councillors the champions of Charter of Positive Values

Build citizenry instead of “client attitude” of communities”

To improve and enhance moral structures and systems of local government
Conflict Resolution mechanisms

To re-establish structure of consultation and communication between community and counsellors

Redevelopment of Charter of Election Ethics for the forthcoming Local Government Elections
MRM Special ProjectsLocal government and their communities[still in negotiation]SALGA
Various Municipalities
[still in negotiations]
• Improved and effective local leadership
• Effective conflict resolution mechanism
• Reduction of violent service delivery protests
• Developed and distribution of Charter of Election Ethics for the forthcoming local government election six months before the elections
Ria Fhatana Project
“Let’s develop each other”
This is a Community, local Business/Industry and Municipality Support Programme to reduce violent conflict related to service delivery

Conflict Resolution mechanisms and develop each other
MRM Special ProjectsLocal government and their communities including local business and industryOn-goingConcentric Alliance • Conflict Resolution mechanisms
• Reduction of violent service delivery protests
MRM Establishment of partnership with institutions of Higher Learning
To enhance MRM research and philosophical competency of MRM and programmes
To use the institutions as means of spreading the Charter of Positive Values
To use particularly FET Colleges to also spread and implement the Charter of Positive Values
MRM Chairperson and Acting CEOInstitutions of Higher Learning2014-continuousDepartment of Higher Education


FET Colleges
Each Institution allocated responsibility on the work of MRM by beginning of 2015
MRM Workshops on Crime Prevention and Support for Victims of Crime
To reduce levels of [and finally eliminate] crime in South Africa through social dialogues, awareness campaigns, roadshows all this culminating in Crime Prevention SummitsMRM national officeVarious communities 2014-2017Organs of civil society [youth organisations, learners in school, tertiary students, fbos, unions, traditional leaders, and councillors]
state organs
To reduce levels of and finally eliminate crime in South Africa.
MRM Workshops and Social Dialogues with civil society organisations as well as Awareness Campaigns dedicated to specific months e.g. Women’s month, Youth etc.
Social Dialogues on the Charter of Positive Values. As well as Awareness Campaigns targeting specific issues such as Women’s Month, Youth Month, Heritage Month etc.MRM national officeVarious Sectors to whom certain calendar months have been dedicated e.g. Women, Youth, Children, Families2014-2017Organs of civil society [youth organisations, learners in school, tertiary students, fbos, unions, traditional leaders, and councillors]
State organs
To engage communities and significant civil society groupings on issues affecting identified sectors as well as assisting communities to establish victim support groups and develop programmes on mentoring and coaching victims of violence using various methodologies such as house visits.
MRM Community Mobilisation Programmes, Workshops, Dialogues, Seminars and Media Campaigns
To assist communities to fight corruption in all sectors of society by:
 Combating purposeful wasteful expenditure by government officials
 Fighting the culture of poor service delivery
 Discouraging nepotism [cadre deployment & appointment of relatives and friends into government and parastatals positions]
 Fighting fraud and theft among officials in government
 Eliminating irregularities in tendering for government jobs.
MRM National OfficeGovernment departments
Traditional Leaders
Public Service Administration
2014 - 2017Government departments
Auditor General
Chapter 9 Institutions
MRM Workshops and Social Dialogues to address all forms of discrimination against the significant other
To assist communities to address and prevent all forms of discrimination against significant others by:
 Conducting social dialogues on race, ethnicity, xenophobia, classism, sexism, political, religious ideologies etc.
 Mounting awareness and advocacy campaigns on the above topics

 Conducting inter-cultural programmes in schools and other arenas.
MRM National OfficeCommunities at large2014 - 2017Civil society organisations
Government departments
Political parties
To address and prevent all forms of and discrimination against significant others through dialogue and awareness campaigns.
MRM to assist with Social Cohesion Resolution 1
To mobilise society in its entirety to work together to build a caring and proud society based on shared values and a vision informed by the following principles:
 Constitutional democracy
 Ubuntu
 Human rights and equality
 Non-racialism, non-tribalism and non-sexism
 Inclusivity and social justice
 Intercultural and community cooperation
 Civic responsibility etc.
MRM National OfficeSouth African community in its entirety2014 - 2016DAC – Social Cohesion
Civil society
Government departments
Close interaction with communities to raise awareness and facilitate intervention strategies creating a conducive environment to enable social cohesion.
MRM to assist with Social Cohesion Resolution 8
To popularise the Charter of Positive Values through Educational Campaigns.
To work with DAC Advocates to promote positive values as part of 20years, to be visible on national days.
MRM National OfficeDifferent sectors of society2014 - 2016DAC – Social Cohesion
Civil Society
Other significant stakeholders
Popularise the Charter of Positive Values to make it a living and working document by engaging communities on the practicality of the Charter.
MRM also to engage in roadshows and campaigns, arrange and coordinate structured interviews.
MRM to contribute significantly to Ubuntu, Heritage and Social Cohesion Awards Resolution 9
To encourage communities and individuals to do good keeping in mind that there are rewards for doing so.MRM national officeMRM Partners
Provinces and local municipalities
Local structures
Civil society
2014 - 2016DAC – Social Cohesion
Other relevant stakeholders
MRM to assist in identifying and recognising individuals and groups that promote social cohesion and nation building.
MRM to assist with the facilitation of the identification of honourees from communities working with MRM structures and social partners and to encourage DAC to expand awards.
MRM to develop a nation building project management manual and toolkit for application by practitioners at all levels.
To make critical inputs, popularise and distribute the Manual and ToolkitMRM national officeProvinces
Local Municipalities
Civil society
2014 - 2016DAC – Social Cohesion
MRM to make critical inputs and assist to familiarise and distribute the Nation Building Manual.